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Retirei do site esta breve descrição dos episódios da segunda temporada da série de TV "Batllestar Galactica" (já editada em DVD), a reimaginação da clássica série dos anos 70 e 80. Acção e personagens extraordinários que mostram os seus defeitos humanos ao mesmo tempo que lutam para sobrevir á extinção ditada pelos Cylon, máquinas que ganharam consciência e se revoltaram contra os humanos, exterminando a maioria da espécie humana em ataques surpresa às 12 Colónias. Apenas a Galáctica comandada por Adama e uma frota de naves que já viram melhores dias são a única esperança de encontrar um planeta lendário: a Terra. Aproveitem e treinem o vosso inglês:
"1. "Scattered". With Adama critically injured from the first season finale, Roslin imprisoned and people trapped on Kobol, the inept Col. Tigh takes command of the fleet, but only to lose the fleet when he orders the fleet to jump and the wrong jump coordinates are sent to the civilian fleet. In the meantime, Boomer, whose Cylon identity is well-known, sits in a jail cell on board Galactica while Starbuck becomes trapped on Caprica with Helo after the other Boomer takes her modified Cylon fighter.
2. "Valley of Darkness". A deadly Cylon virus is trying to take over Galactica's computers. In the meantime, Baltar, Tyrol & the other people on Kobol fight for survival while Starbuck & Helo break into her old apartment on Caprica.
3. "Fragged". The survivors on Kobol discover the Cylons are building an danti-aircraft gun while Adama is undergoing dangerous surgery. Not happy with the Quorum of Twelve, Col. Tigh places the fleet under martial law.
4. "Resistance". Galactica personnel open fire on a group of civilians protesting martial law. Chief is accused of being a Cylon and arrested while Apollo helps Pres. Roslyn to escape confinement on Galactica. Starback & Helo on Caprica find 53 surviving humans.
5. "The Farm". While the recovering Adama retakes command of the fleet from Col. Tigh, Pres. Roslyn leads a third of the fleet back to Kobol with the promise of finding the way to Earth. On Caprica, a wounded Starbuck is taken to a strange hospital and makes an unpleasant discovery. 6. "Home: Part 1". While Pres. Roslyn has a difficult time leading the civilian ships at Kobol, Starbuck, Helo and Boomer return from Caprica and arrive at Kobol to search for the Tomb of Athena.
7. "Home: Part 2". Adama decides to return to Kobol to reunite the fleet and heads to the surface to join Pres. Roslyn and those with her in search of the Tomb of Athena.
8. "Final Cut". A reporter, D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless), is given a large amount of access to report activities on Galactica.
9. "Flight of the Phoenix". While the crew helps Chief to build a brand new fighter named "The Black Bird", Adama must put his trust in Boomer to stop a deadly Cylon computer virus that has been infecting Galactica's computers.
10. "Pegasus". The Galactica isn't the only surviving battlestar; the Pegasus also survived under the command of Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes), who takes command of the civilian fleet and begins to make things so difficult for Adama that a very real fight is a distinct possibility. What a season cliffhanger! "

Mal posso esperar pelo próximo episódio, lá para Janeiro....


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